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California State University, Chico Behavioral & Social Science Building

California State University, Chico Behavioral & Social Science Building

Chico, CA




California State University


RSC Architects , AC Martin Partners, Inc. , Jason A. Halley , Glumac , Buehler , Airco , Helix , Ranker AMG , Nevell Group , Alliance Roofing , Concrete North , Bambicigno

In an effort to unite the various departments within the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences under one cutting-edge facility, Chico State is replacing Butte Hall, erected in 1972, with the construction of a multi-story academic building through the Design-Build process. The primary goal of this project is to integrate active learning classrooms, lecture halls, administrative and faculty offices, conference rooms, and breakout areas within a single, cohesive structure.

This state-of-the-art building is strategically designed to capitalize on the unique features of its location, providing welcoming views of the stunning surroundings from every vantage point. Emphasizing a commitment to sustainability, the structure is planned to meet Net Zero Energy (NZE) standards, aligning with Chico State's dedication to environmentally conscious practices and energy efficiency. The endeavor reflects the university's vision to create an inclusive and innovative academic environment that fosters collaboration and enhances the overall experience for students and faculty in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences.

SourceBlue identified equipment and related schedule challenges to offer alternatives that better aligned with Client preferences and schedule needs, providing solutions below the client’s budget. SourceBlue’s re-design efforts to the mechanical design, centered on the original Air Source Heat Pump, resulted in nearly $280,000 in savings. This is Chico State's First Net Zero Energy Building.

Products Provided

- Electrical & Lighting
  • Switchboards
  • Panelboards
  • Lighting
+ Mechanical
  • HVAC
  • Air Source Heat Pump

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