Collaborative Approach to
Streamlining Supply Chains

SourceBlue's Approach
Mitigates Supply Chain Challenges

Our team works hand-in-hand with the Owner, Design, and Project Teams to lock in lead times, pricing, and pre-purchase equipment earlier than the traditional procurement process allows.

SourceBlue clients have the agility and market intelligence to overcome traditional supply chain obstacles.

Secure production time slots early in the design process
Release component for fabrication while the balance of the design work is completing
An extensive array of vendors, relationships, and experience for consideration
Strategic procurement schedule established early to avoid unnecessary escalation costs
National level engagement with vendors, provide access to information and opportunities not other realized
Significant purchasing volumes allow for discussions with vendors at the national level to hinder such practices
Traditional Supply Chain Issues
Equipment lead times are 2 to 3 times longer than usual
Designs are not finalized when equipment needs to be bought
Buildings are “locked in” on sole-source manufacturers, and competition eliminates
Escalation continues to increase price while buys are delayed
Opportunities to find cost savings from manufacturer specific VE options are missed
Price gouging when late changes are necessary

Our Procurement & Planning Guidance Improves
Project Costs & Schedules


The traditional supply chain model cannot keep pace with today's dynamic projects. Leaving owners vulnerable to scheduling delays, cost overruns, and quality issues. Our approach to procurement planning enhances project budgets and schedules through upfront and transparent communication.


Lead Time
Design and Bid
Lead Time
Time Savings

Utilizing Our Extensive Relationships to Enhance 
Our Projects

From planning and commission to turnover and maintenance, our collaborative approach to supply chain management ensures a streamlined process, allowing clients to focus on their core business while leaving the complexities of the construction supply chain to us.

We leverage these relationships to benefit our clients by providing them with unrivaled supply chain access and insights. SourceBlue's clients receive:

  • Diverse Manufacturer Choices
  • Concise Bid Summaries
  • Competitive Pricing Analysis
  • Detailed Work Scopes
  • Specifications & Compliance Review