Supply Chain Solutions
& Services

Service Delivery

We recognize that every project has its distinct challenges and requirements. We deliver supply chain services that align with our client's unique needs and project objectives. Our service delivery approach, Guidance, Management, and Execution are characterized by adaptability and customization.

By closely collaborating with our clients, we gain a comprehensive understanding of their goals, timelines, and budget constraints, enabling us to develop tailored solutions that meet or exceed their needs while delivering added value to their projects.


Our team provides guidance from concept to bid package on optimal solutions to meet the technical needs.

Design & Market Consulting

SourceBlue partners with clients, design teams, and construction managers during the early phases of designing toward budget and schedule objectives

  • Product expertise for in-depth supply chain analysis
  • Early cost visibility, scheduling, and quality assurance
  • Market insights from 300+ vendor relationships
  • Efficiency enhancement via prefabrication/offsite methods
  • Design optimization, energy efficiency, and sustainable materials
Product Sourcing & Selection

SourceBlue is manufacturer-agnostic and supports clients’ best interests when making product selections for a project or program

  • Navigate diverse product market options easily
  • Drive manufacturer competition for cost, performance, and sustainability
  • Optimize solutions through partner capacity planning
  • Impartial project-fit recommendations
  • Employ robust supply chain for resilience against disruptions

Product Management

Management of the product at each stage of the supply chain with transparency throughout.


SourceBlue streamlines the entire product procurement process as a single point of contact

  • Mitigate schedule risk with early pre-purchases
  • Accelerated equipment release via vendor partnerships
  • Efficient prequalification and vendor management
  • Transparent open-book procurement for budget control
  • Centralized vendor contract issuance and management
Management & Logistics

SourceBlue manages the construction supply chain process from end-to-end, from early design through closeout and warranty phases

  • Ensures supply chain transparency across product life cycle
  • Offsite storage, warehousing, and inventory management
  • Global supply chain expertise, including international shipping
  • Multi-tier component-level supply chain management

Project Management

SourceBlue manages the execution of projects from procurement, management of suppliers, and installation to turnover as a one-stop-shop.

Project Management

SourceBlue’s Project Management services span the entire life of a project, from early design through delivery and warranty

  • Proactive pre-production management
  • Aid in engineering, material tracking, and delivery
  • Direct factory floor connection for scheduling and quality
  • Flexibility to address cost escalation impact
  • Better coordination between manufacturers, contracts, and installers
  • Escalation to executive management for issue resolution
  • Transparent oversight during project startup and commissioning
Program Management

SourceBlue can provide clients with a customized procurement and supply chain management program to span multiple projects or an entire construction portfolio

  • Consistent approach for multiple projects/locations
  • Aggregation for volume discounts
  • Standardization for cost savings and quality
  • Single point of contact for comprehensive services