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Bio-Manufacturing Facility

Bio-Manufacturing Facility

West Lebanon, NH


Industrial/Manufacturing , Life Sciences (Pharamceutical/ Biotech)


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Suite 1 Project involves the demolition and retrofit of approximately 1,120 sq. ft. of Bio-Manufacturing Space within an operating facility. The work included the removal and upgrade of a 10,000L Purified water tank into an existing PW system, and the installation of new air handling units. After removing the existing air handling units, the two new upgraded units had to be fabricated inside the space.
The work included modifications to a number of the process utility systems including clean steam, clean in place, process air among others. The project also included the upgrade of the purified water system which required the installation of a new 10,000L tank & new pumps. Work included modifications to the downstream process, including the installation of a several of repurposed tanks, as well as new vessels and associated transfer panels purchased for the project.
Both the utility and process work required new instrumentation and controls as well as modifications to the existing process control system. The updated foot print of the existing manufacturing space required the retro fit of much of the facilities air systems requiring rework of duct from multiple air handlers that were to remain as well as the removal of two decommissioned air handling units. After the decommissioned units were removed two new AHU’s were stick built in place.

Suite 3 Project is for a 2,500L Microbial Fermentation Line that involved the complete interior gut of the building and then the fitout of 27,000 sq. ft. Scope included the installation of various under slab specialty waste systems, underpinning of existing facility to allow for the foundation of the building addition to be installed, installation of structural steel for the addition, as well as a structural steel grid system to support the loads of the new mechanical and process systems within the existing building. Also included was the installation of air handlers, compressors & CIP skids. The new product line included both upstream and downstream process.

Products Provided

- Electrical & Lighting
  • Static Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Switchboards
  • Panelboards
+ Mechanical
  • Cooling Towers
  • Packaged Outdoor HVAC Equipment
  • Centrifugal Water Chillers

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