Supply Chain Insights: Lighting and LED Technology

06 Sep 2023 Supply Chain Insights

The LED luminaire market has seen a rapid rise in demand and production over the past twenty years. The global revenue for LED luminaires was around $88 Billion in 2019 and LED lighting accounted for almost 60% of that market. Only 18% of unit sales were in North America, as Asia and Europe have been faster in adopting the technology. LED technology is rapidly growing, which will result in an expected decline and phase out of fluorescent and incandescent lighting.


LEDs (Light-emitting diodes) – are manufactured in four major platforms, High-Power, Mid-Power, Chip on Board (COB) and Chip Scale Packages. Cost Drivers for LEDs are the Die, Packaging, and Phosphor.

DIE – Light emitting semiconductor device.

Phosphor – Simplified Phosphor is required to make LED lighting operational. Phosphors convert blue light into white light and depending on the Phosphor utilized the color rendering is affected.

LED – Luminaires are the assembled product consisting of LEDs, printed circuit boards, optics, drivers, housing and overhead. The main manufacturing cost drivers are the housing, but it will depend on the product. An exterior luminaire will have less cost related to the optical system than a downlight, while for exterior light fixtures the housing will have a higher relative cost than the optics.

Drivers – Convert AC to DC power and enable dimming capabilities. Choosing the driver is important when designing an LED light fixture.


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