Prefabricated Penthouse Lift at The Assembly

20 Jul 2020 News

SourceBlue, Turner Pittsburgh, and Our Partners worked diligently & collaboratively through complex logistics to safely accomplish the first step of a two-step lift for one section (#27) of our prefabricated penthouse shown in the image. 

Section 27 is one of 34 sections that will be lifted onto the roof, and is also the largest weighting 46,000 lbs, with dimensions of 48’ long, 12-1/2” tall, and nearly 13’ wide. Now that it is in within reach of the site tower crane, it will be lifted onto the roof as the second step. 

Clients: Wexford Science & Technology, LLC – University of Pittsburgh

Partners: McKamish Inc. – Environmental Air Systems LLC. – ALL Family of Companies – Conley’s Inc. – Affiliated Engineers, Inc. – ZGF Architects


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