Pioneering Lithium Battery Recycling with Hydrometallurgy: The Billion-Dollar Ascend Elements Project

15 Nov 2023 News

The initial $17 million Medium and Low Voltage package for the campus has expanded into 21 separate packages worth a combined $50 million, encompassing various components. SourceBlue continues to demonstrate flexibility throughout the project, adapting to changing client designs and engineering layouts.

The groundbreaking "Apex 1" facility will house the company's innovative Hydro-to-Cathode™ technology, which transforms recycled electric vehicle battery materials into lithium-ion battery precursors and eco-friendly cathode materials for up to 250,000 electric vehicles annually. This closed-loop system minimizes waste and carbon emissions, surpassing conventional cathode production methods. Apex 1 will also include on-site chemical recycling and a wastewater treatment facility.

I can’t thank Chad Kundinger enough for selecting us for this project. He is the foremost “Best in Class” for Project Management. He always has gone above and beyond for Siemens and his Customer. In my 25 years with Siemens, I can’t select a project that has been more satisfying to be a part of or a Customer (Chad) that has been more of a pleasure to work with I feel our relationship is strong and will continue to grow. - James Mull, Sr. Account Manager, Siemens.

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