Addressing Schedule Challenges: SourceBlue Partners with JLL for OptumRX Project in Arizona

25 Aug 2022 News

SourceBlue was engaged by JLL to assist with procurement of long lead equipment for the OptumRX MDP-HDP project in Mesa, AZ. The client was concerned about the project schedule and the ability of both the general contractor and local trade partner base to manage the schedule, given supply chain constraints. SourceBlue worked with the client to establish a supply chain management strategy, including pre-purchase and early release of equipment in order to meet the client’s schedule objectives.

SourceBlue has significantly streamlined the switchgear procurement process by expediting lead times. Breakers and components were released for production even as switchgear shop drawings were in progress, resulting in a remarkable one-month improvement in component lead times. Our approach involves a comprehensive understanding not only of the equipment but also at the component level within the supply chain. This visibility allows us to make proactive adjustments, ensuring effective switchgear lead time management and maintaining adherence to the project schedule.

SourceBlue managed logistics and warehousing, strategically optimizing equipment availability to align seamlessly with the project timeline, guaranteeing just-in-time delivery to the jobsite.

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